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  • Determination of the design parameters

  • Preliminary design proposals

  • Schematic design

  •  Presentation (3D renderings / models)

  • Design development

  • Design in the extent necessary for passing the State Expertise

  • Construction documentation

  • Construction administration

ontent-VA works on architectural and interior design as well as on project management and integrated design  solutions for new and renovated buildings and structures of differing complexities on all stages:


and structural solutions

Program, aesthetics and structure are well-known as fundamental aspects of the architectural design.

The concept and style of the building, programmatic solutions, positioning on the site, materials and technology - all of these critical issues are resolved within the framework of this scheme.


With modern technical possibilities architectural and structural solutions mutually influence each other.


Therefore, collaboration of architects and structural engineers is important from the very beginning of the design to the later stages, including construction documentation. Nothing but this collaboration brings conceptual ideas to the logical conclusion, in particular through the continuous development of components and details of the assembly. This, in turn, reduces design time, costs and positively affects quality of construction.

Design process may follow one of the following common design schemes:

Complex and

integrated design



In the modern world it is impossible to imagine building which doesn’t feature engineering systems. Most important of them include, but aren’t limited to:


  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning;

  • Water supply and sewage systems;

  • Power supply and electrical equipment;

  • Communication and alarm systems;

  • Radio, television and Internet systems;

  • Automation and engineering systems control;

  • Monitoring and control of access;

  • Fire safety systems.


While structural and architectural decisions affect engineering solutions, latter make last adjustments to the building’s design.


Integrated design links all sections of the project and optimizes costs. 

The interior design brings together and addresses the issues of aesthetics and comfort.


Competent stylistic and programmatic decisions together with thoroughly thought engineering systemsare the key to creating a balanced space.


Close collaboration with the client from the early stages is a necessity. Nothing but understanding between the client and the architect is especially important when it comes to designing private interiors.

In existing buildings, we consider volumetric, structural and engineering objectives. When interior design is a part of new building’s design, we always tie the exterior and interior concepts, making them a whole.

We highly recommend you to carry the project to the stage of construction documentation, as stages of schematic design and design development can’t guarantee the accurate timing and costs of the construction and decoration.


Свидетельство о праве проектирования зданий и сооружений I, II, III уровней ответственности

 <<  We design public (retail, administrative, office, bank and multifunctional

       buildings) and reidential (apartment blocks and private houses) structures as well as commercial

       and private interiors.  >>

Architectural design  -  Interior design  -  Project management  -  Integrated design

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